Location: The Bahamas. (Trip departs from West Palm Beach, FL)

Bahamas Ultimate Shark Diving Safari

Consistently spectacular tiger shark action and world class great hammerhead diving, now combined in one incredible trip

Photo © Andy Murch

Two of the sharkiest places on planet Earth

Join us in the Bahamas for the ultimate shark diving safari. First, we will visit world famous Tiger Beach to dive with Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks. While at Tiger Beach we may also see great hammerheads and bull sharks. We will drop anchor at multiple locations that fall under the Tiger Beach umbrella including Tiger Wreck (a 100 year old anchor chain that attracts scores of sharks, and Fish Tales (a fabulous reef that attracts up to a dozen tiger sharks as well as lemons, reefies, nurse sharks and sometimes hammers and bull sharks).

Once you have had your fill of tigers, we will sail southwards to Bimini Island – the winter home of scores of huge great hammerhead sharks. Bimini is also a great place to see big, beefy bull sharks plus there are spots around the island that are good for Caribbean reef sharks and tiny blacknose sharks – a species that is rarely seen by divers but we know exactly where they are!


Scuba diving with Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Lemon Sharks, Bull Sharks, Nurse Sharks and Caribbean Reef Sharks


November 12-20 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE

$4,395 per person double occupancy

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November 16-24 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE

$4,395 per person double occupancy

Jennifer Idol


Dolphin Dream Liveaboard Dive Vessel

Open Water Diver Certification required


  • 8 nights accommodation aboard the Dolphin Dream
  • 7 days of unlimited shark diving
  • All meals
  • Too many snacks
  • Beer and soft drinks
  • Tanks
  • Weights
  • Experienced Captain and crew
  • Chum
  • Shark feeds and a bit of photo coaching for those that want it


  • Flights to West Palm Beach
  • Transfers to the boat (around $20)
  • Personal dive equipment
  • Crew gratuities

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

A candid note about Tiger Beach

Everyone talks about a destination being ‘the best shark dive’ or ‘one of the world’s top ten shark dives’ etc, etc. Sometimes the operators are just blowing smoke and sometimes the diving is truly great.

Whatever you hear about other shark diving sites around the planet, Tiger Beach stands alone. It’s simply packed with sharks. They’re big and they are not shy 🙂

If you are looking for endless photographic opportunities or if you just want to spend your entire vacation surrounded by big sharks, then this is the place.

I have NEVER heard of anyone being disappointed by Tiger Beach. The only problem you’ll have is finding somewhere to go next time that compares.

See you there!

Andy Murch


Expert shark wranglers

This trip is not just about getting you there. The shark wranglers aboard the Dolphin Dream are experts at attracting sharks and keeping them around. The key is to deliver just enough fish to keep them interested without making them too excited and dangerous to dive with. You’ll be amazed when you see the relationship that the crew have with the sharks.

Shark snaps at sunset

The Dolphin Dream is by far the best shark diving liveaboard in the Bahamas. As well as being a large, stable, extremely seaworthy vessel with a highly experienced captain and crew, it also has a large swim step that is ideal for ‘Shark Snaps’ once everyone is out of the water. If you’ve ever seen close up shots of lemon sharks half in and half out of the water, it’s very likely they were taken aboard this boat. If you’ve never tried split frame photography before, you’re in good hands. For a quick ‘how-to’ before you get there, follow this link: Split Frame Photography


Once the sun completely sets, the day is not necessarily over. Because the sites we pick are quite shallow, its not uncommon to rack up 5 or 6 hours of bottom time each day. However, if you’re still keen to dive when darkness falls, we usually conduct one or two night dives with the sharks. Generally we don’t feed at night because we don’t want the sharks too excited but they usually stay in the area anyway.

Its a relatively safe but disconcerting experience to be swimming around the reef with no peripheral vision. Sharks materialize out of the darkness unexpectedly and then disappear again into the shadows. Everyone seems to agree that its a little nerve wracking but an experience they thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

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