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Lemon shark at the surface at sunset. Diving Tiger Beach, Bahamas.


Tiger Beach 2016 in a Nutshell: Another killer week with tigers, lemons, reef sharks, nurse sharks and a couple of shy great hammerheads!

Rather than blathering on about how insanely sharky it was, I've loaded a picture with a caption from each dive of the trip. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words...


DIVE 1: First dip at Tiger Beach. Lemons were waiting and two tigers arrived almost immediately. That was a good sign! :)



DIVE 2: Dropped in just before dusk. Four tigers swimming around us already and we haven't even started feeding them yet!



DIVE 3: First dive at Fish Tales. Lots of Caribbean reef sharks, lemon sharks, clear water, no currents, first tiger at the end.



DIVE 4: Two tigers on the first feed today. There was a little confusion about what was on the menu!



DIVE 5: The tigers are here! Five rather aggressive tiger sharks. The feeders aboard the Dolphin Dream did an awesome job of keeping them in line. LOL



DIVE 6: Five tigers and the feed. Crazy currents made it tough to stay in position.



DIVE 7: Three tigers hanging around the reef even though we didn't bring any bait with us.



DIVE 8: Five tigers on the feed. No one is even vaguely tired of seeing them yet :)



LEMON SNAP SESSION 1: Jumped in with lemons to snap a few shots from their perspective :)



DIVE 9: Night dive exploring the reef. We never feed at night but one small tiger named Jitterbug showed up anyway to keep us company.



DIVE 10: Dove a new site for me named Mountains. Absolutely beautiful reef with a resident population of reef sharks. Super healthy coral walls dripping with enormous gorgonians.



DIVE 11: Zipped back to Fish Tales for a late afternoon feed with four beefy tigers. Stay off the grass!



DIVE 12: Great feed with four tigers plus a fifth that showed up just before we surfaced.



DIVE 13: No feeding but we still attracted six or seven tigers to Fish Tales plus a great hammerhead fly by in the distance. Spent about 30 minutes waiting for this hermit crab to come out of his shell :)



LEMON SNAP SESSION 2: Great session in flat calm seas. Getting shots like this was a snap! lol



DIVE 14: 4 tigers no food. I am still in awe every time one swims past me. Its easy to forget about the reef sharks but they're beautiful too and formidable when the moment strikes them.



DIVE 15: Could only get six in a fame but there were SEVEN tiger sharks on this dive!



DIVE 16: 4 well behaved tiger sharks and another fly-by from a great hammerhead.



DIVE 17: 3 Tigers on the reef during the last hoorah!



That doesn't really do it justice but you get the idea. Endless tigers, lemons, Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks all week long. Tiger Beach just keeps getting better! Join us next year:








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Andy Murch Trip Leader

Andy Murch


Andy Murch is a fanatical big animal diver.

He has photographed and dived with more sharks than most people on this planet and he's very good at it.

Andy's images and shark stories have appeared in hundreds of books and magazines around the world from titles as varied as Canadian Geographic, Scuba Diving, FHM, Digital Photography,  and the Journal of Zoology.

Andy is the Creator of the ever expanding Shark and Ray Field Guide on Elasmodiver


When not running big animal expeditions or on photographic assignments, Andy lives and dives on Vancouver Island, Canada


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Predators in Peril

Andy is also the driving force behind the PREDATORS IN PERIL PROJECT which shines a spotlight on many endangered species of sharks and rays that are largely overlooked by mainstream conservation groups. Predators In Peril is entirely funded by Big Fish Expeditions.


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