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Hammerhead mouth open diving.

Yet again we had phenomenal great hammerhead action in Bimini this year. On our first week we lost two days to weather but other than that, the shark action was world class. Interestingly, after three years of contact with divers, the hammerheads are much more relaxed so the encounters are more consistent and the photographic opportunities are even better than before.


The number of hammerheads was up. On our best day last year, 9 different hammerheads showed up. This year we were hoping for 10 but we destroyed that record during our second week when 13 different great hammerheads showed up for lunch. It was a sublime feeling to be surrounded by huge but gentle hammerheads all day long.


Two great hammerhead sharks in Bimini, Bahamas.


One evening on each week we also extended the encounters into the night. The hammerheads were more than happy to hang around hoping for an extra tidbit or two.

Focusing our cameras with the lights streaming down from Neal Watson's dive boat, we were able to capture some dramatic images of the sharks against the inky darkness.


A great hammerhead at night


Even during the two days that we lost to weather, we made the most of the opportunity by switching to a different boat with a shallow draft. We went deep into the mangroves where small sharks can often be seen. There we found some nurse sharks hiding under the roots of red mangrove trees, large stingrays hunting on the tidal flats and all manner of strange mangrove critters like upside-down jellies and enormous leopard-spotted sea hares.

We also visited the shark lab and learned a great deal about their ongoing hammerhead shark research around Bimini.


Bimini mangrove animals - spotted sea hare


Perhaps the most challenging photographic opportunity came midway through week two when some of us crowded onto the swim step to attempt to capture some ground breaking over/under images of the hammerheads at sunset. It was a tricky shoot but lots of fun.


great hammerhead split over/under


We also sailed over to Triangle Rocks and Gun Cay one day to shoot some other shark species. At Triangle Rocks we conducted a feed with Caribbean reef sharks and tiny blacknose sharks. The blacknoses were skittish especially with all of us chasing them across the reef but we did manage to get some images of both species.


blacknose shark


caribbean reef shark with diver in Bimini, Bahamas


Gun Cay is an interesting little uninhabited island that I had not visited before. While there we struck out on the bull sharks we were hoping to see but we enjoyed a fun feed in the shallows with some enormous southern stingrays and more blacknose sharks and a few juvenile blacktips. All in all it was a great day in the water and we still made it back to the hammerhead grounds for dusk encounter with our favourite sharks!


Gun Cay Light house, Bimini, Bahamas


Great Hammerhead at night in the Bahamas.


Bimini delivered endless epic encounters this year. I can only imagine how good it is going to be in 2016 when the hammers are even friendlier!

Join us in Bimini for our 2016 Great Hammerhead Adventure












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Andy Murch Trip Leader

Andy Murch


Andy Murch is a fanatical big animal diver.

He has photographed and dived with more sharks than most people on this planet and he's very good at it.

Andy's images and shark stories have appeared in hundreds of books and magazines around the world from titles as varied as Canadian Geographic, Scuba Diving, FHM, Digital Photography,  and the Journal of Zoology.

Andy is the Creator of the ever expanding Shark and Ray Field Guide on Elasmodiver


When not running big animal expeditions or on photographic assignments, Andy lives and dives on Vancouver Island, Canada


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Andy is also the driving force behind the PREDATORS IN PERIL PROJECT which shines a spotlight on many endangered species of sharks and rays that are largely overlooked by mainstream conservation groups. Predators In Peril is entirely funded by Big Fish Expeditions.


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